Total simplicity

Just drop your empty bottles into the counter top mounted Glass-hole and we take care of the rest. The system is really that simple. You can fully empty bottles into the optional Alco-hole sink to further simplify disposal. Discarded bottles drop through the specially silenced delivery tube into the basement.

Here, our quiet compactor pulverises the bottles to a fraction of their original volume. Glass bottles are magically turned into sharp-free 'Eco-sand', that can be safely held in the hand! Beneath the compactor is a hopper that can store up to 5000 beer bottles. We then collect the compacted 'Eco-sand' and take it away for re-processing and upcycling into useful products. In the bar, the Glass-hole cleverly indicates when the compactor below needs emptying and when it's full.

We can take care of everything, or you can dispose of the Eco-sand yourself, if you can think of a better use for it?

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Compaction for space saving

Empty bottles take up a huge amount of bar and storage space. It's hard to believe it, but the bin full of bottles on the left can be compacted down to the small bin that Pete is holding on the right!

Our basement 8:1 compaction, means that you can claim back valuable bar space to use more productively. Finally dispense with those large under-bar bottle bins.

Your back-of-house activities are also streamlined. Where you had 8 large smelly bins, you can now have 1 compact machine.

By freeing up space, your business can be more productive. Less frequent, off-street collections ensure fewer distractions from other tasks.

Improved health & safety compliance

Our system will deal with all your empty bottles but also any broken drinks glasses. Staff will feel safer not having to manhandle clunky, potentially broken glass. This will keep your Health & Safety officer smiling. A nasty cut or gash can be distressing and very costly in terms of business impact.

As the system is very quiet, the general background noise in the bar created by glass-on-glass impacts will be reduced, making your bar or restaurant a nicer environment.

All quiet on the West End front

Do your neighbours complain about being woken up early hours of the morning as last night's empties are being collected? Empty bottle collections are considered to be the most penetrating noise of all. Towns and cities all over the world suffer the same problem.

Worse still, broken bottles left for collection can be used to seriously injure passers by. In the UK, there are 87,000 violent incidents involving glassware each year with the subsequent injuries costing the NHS an estimated £2.7 Billion*

With the Glassbusters sytem you no longer have these anxieties. In future, if someone shouts, "What's the matter mate, lost your bottle?" you'll be able to say... "Yes my friend, I've had them safely and silently disposed of by Glassbusters". That'll keep the local council, your insurance company, your neighbours... and their dogs, much happier.

Source* British Home Office Crime Survey

Lower your carbon footprint

The UK on-premise trade uses circa 600,000 tons of glass bottles each year. We can all do our bit to reduce the amount of this glass that ends up in landfill.

Glassbusters are committed to reducing your carbon footprint. By collecting and re-processing the glass, we can Upcycle your waste into usable products rather than it being destined for landfill.

Our smaller, more efficient vans can now collect your compacted glass Eco-sand, less frequently. We even run them on our own home produced bio-diesel made from used cooking oil.

Ultimately this equates to far fewer collections from huge, noisy, gas guzzling diesel bin lorries so helping to improve air quality and reduce noise pollution.

This all makes total sense. Not just Eco sense, but economical sense.